Tips: Macam mana nak buang racun serangga drp buah dan sayur

2 Tips To Properly Wash Fruit And Vegetable Produce Before Consumption

• Use *11.5 strong kangen* to soak all of your fruits + veggies. This water is able to *remove anything that is oil based* including all *ripening agents, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, + pesticides*.

• *Use 2.5 strong acidic water* to wash all of your produce because this water can *kill bacteria and microbes* which is great because from the time your produce has been harvested, put on the shelf in the grocery store, + into your home, it has been handled by so many hands.

This machine is so much more than just *chlorine-free, antioxidant-rich, drinking water* — it has over *68 uses that help reduce plastic + chemical use within the home*.

📸: @jessmillman


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