Punca penyakit dari makanan, minuman, stress, persekitaran, radiation, tak cukup tidur, kurang rihat dll. 

*Dr. Hiromi Shinya's 7 Golden Keys for Good Health*:

1. A Good Diet 
(A. 85-90% plant based foods)

(B. 0-15% Animal-based protein. No more than 3 to 4 oz. per day)

2. Good Water (Ionized Water)

3. Regular Elimination (buang air besar & kecil)

4. Moderate Exercise

5. Adequate Rest

6. Breathing & Meditation

7. Joy & Love 

Use these keys to preserve your body's "Miracle Enzyme" and enjoy a long and healthy life!

_*(The Enzyme Factor, page 139 - 143)*_


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