Cara Pohon E-Payment Tanpa Interest

Rakan-rakan bakal pemilik mesin kangen. Ini peluang baik untuk memiliki mesin yg superb ini.


*1. Download E-loan Product Application Form* dari

*2. Fill up the forms* with detail required as follows:
a. Copy IC front & back
b. name & contact of immediate family
c. Email & phone no
d. Bank Account No
e. Shipping Address if different than stated in IC
f. latest utility bill (electricity, water etc)

*3. Submit forms to Enagic according to area to get CTOS clearance.* eg for Selangor
(It will take 1-2 days)
Bole check CTOS sendiri melalui party yg ada access.

*4. Upon CTOS Clearance, complete the Standing Instruction* through Maybank2u, CIMB Click, Hong Leong connect. Bank lain tidak bole guna utk SI. Save the receipt

1th-10th - SI start 25th day of the same month
11th -20th - SI start 5th day of following month
21st -31st - SI start 10th day of following month

*5. Upon CTOS Clearance, bank in the deposit of rm4700 or rm6196 to Enagic CIMB account 8001321512.* Save the receipt

*6. Submit both receipts to Enagic according to area.*

*7. Wait for the GDEX delivery of the Kangen machine to the shipping address.*



011-2097 9928


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